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That Girl

The Woes of a Hero (Oneshot)

Title: The Woes of a Hero
Author: inkstrain / Aki
Rating: R just to be safe.
Disclaimer: I own the plot.
Characters/Pairings: Chloe Sullivan/Bart Allen
Word Count: 2,563.
Summary: Although he was a hero in all forms, he was still just a human boy. Chloe helps Bart deal with a mission gone wrong.
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers, I think 33.1 is old news by now so that shouldn’t reveal anything. Nothing to warn you about either.
Author's Notes: For svpromptstables   [ table ] #14 Time. The prompt ended up being just a factor in the story, but in my opinion it was used not just in words so that’s what’s important I guess. And not really… a romance. It’s very general. It’s also very corny in my opinion, not to mention rushed, and yeah. Anyway, enjoy the read.

"... The league needs you. Little girls like her need you.”


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