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The Different Speeds of One Bart Allen - T - Chloe/Bart - Drabble

Title: The Different Speeds of One Bart Allen
Category: Smallville
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Bart/Chloe
Prompt: Different Speeds by adja999
Word Count: 504
Summary: Over the course of their relationship, Chloe had learned there are different speeds to Bart Allen...

The Different Speeds of One Bart Allen

Over the course of their relationship, Chloe has learned there are different speeds to Bart Allen. There's his usual, where he's ready to run, can't wait to start speeding across the country, gone so quick you can't blink without losing sight of him. That, she's used to. That is the Bart most are used to. But then he had his downtime, where all he does is lay there and veg out, trying to get back his energy before he gets up and is back on high again, racing every which way.

But of them all, her favorite speed is in between the two, where he's slow and fast at the same. She's fairly certain nobody else knows this speed though, seeing as he only gets like this when they're alone. When the doors are closed and the guys are gone and he's spouting cheesy lines until she's undressed and then he's speechless and instead of running his mouth off and making her smile at his absurd new pick up line, he's using it to kiss her skin and make her whimper.

In these moments, he's both fast and slow; he lingers, but he's quickly at the next part of her, lavishing it just as thoroughly. She loves this speed; has never felt it with anyone before him. She'll never understand how he can put so much emphasis on these little tasks just as much as he can when he's finally inside her and then he creates a whole new kind of speed, one she can't even gage it because she's too consumed with pleasure. Maybe it's fast and maybe it's slow, all she knows is that the waves of ecstasy come in multiples, over and over and over again until she's pleading with him to finish already because she can't take anymore; she can barely breathe as it is. And then he's there, making her fly one last time before she's wrapped up in his arms, her heart racing while his is still the same.

And he's ready to go again within minutes but she's not sure she can keep up, so she forces him to cuddle, enjoys the way he holds her, no longer restless, his legs tangled with hers, no hyper-active desire to run away and race across the globe. He's content then, comfortable when he's with her enough that he doesn't think of anything but holding her a little longer. This is the best of everything; this is what makes her wonder why she took so long to realize that he was always right there in front of her, waiting to show her just how loved she could be. She's learned though, it took her a little longer. Not everyone was as quick as him. But she caught on and now she's just as in love with him as he is with her and she knows that they've got a whole lifetime for her to enjoy all the different speeds of one Bart Allen. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Tags: chlart, chloe, fanfic, fanfiction, fic, pg-13

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