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Lightning Strikes

A Chloe and Bart Community

Lightning Strikes: A Chlart Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Lightning Strikes, the first and only community for that adorable, but (so far) non-canon pairing of Chloe Sullivan, the intrepid girl reporter, and Bart Allen, the flirtatious young superhero. This is the place for fanfic, icons, other graphics, spoilers, and general squeeing.

At the wheel of this love boat are rjchasez and her lovely co-captain tobywolf13. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them their way.

1. No hate, folks. If you're not a Chlart-shipper, simply do not join. If you're not a fan of them being romantic, but enjoy them as friends only, again, don't hate. And vice-versa.

2. All entries have to be related to Chloe/Bart in some way. Does your post have something to do with them just being friends? That's fine. Does your post have something to do with them being romantically or sexually involved? That's fine, too. And it's perfectly alright if your post has something to do with another ship, as long as it involves Chlart in some way, as well.

3. When posting anything spoilerish, put it behind a cut. Nuff said.

4. Please put all icon posts behind a cut, but with a teaser. Feel free to fake-cut to your journal, if you prefer. Two to three icons serve just fine as a teaser.

5. Please put all fanfic behind a cut. This even applies to drabbles. All we ask is that you at least give us some sort of indication what the rating is, and a summary is always nice. Also, please let us know if any others ships are featured in the story. On a side note, all ratings, from G to NC-17, are allowed, but, as previously stated, alert everyone of said rating before cutting to the story. As with icons, fake-cuts to your journal are allowed. Plagiarism (a.k.a. stealing someone else's story) will not be tolerated, however, recommending someone else's story to the rest of us is totally fine.

Here is a sample of a fic posting header:

Use it if you like.

6. Please put any large graphics and/or pictures behind a cut. Again, nuff said.

7. Be kind to your fellow members. That is pretty much a courtesy with any community, but this rule includes other things, as well. If you take an icon from someone who is posting, comment them to let them know, and credit. Icon thieves are not appreciated or tolerated. If another member posts fanfic, and you happen to read, comment and let them know how much you enjoyed it. It's called common respect, people.

8. This community will feature icon and fanfic challenges. Okay, this isn't so much a rule, but a reminder. This community will feature, from time-to-time, an Chlart-related icon challenge or fanfic challenge. At one point, we might even sponsor a prompt-a-thon. All creative members of the community are asked to participate, if they can. Keep that in mind while joining.

Again, if you have any questions about the rules or any other subject, contact a mod.

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If you would like to affiliate with us, let us know! We are always looking for associations with other communities!

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